Tigers, Zebras, Macaws and Horse Drawn Carriages!

Bengal tiger

On Friday the 13th of June, Martini Ranch Carriages drove our beloved Molly between two Bengal tiger cages for a wedding in Orange County, CA. The road between was only one lane wide. The top cage had two orange and black tigers and the bottom cage had two white and black tigers. All were very, very aggressive. I felt hunted. The place put them away in their bedrooms when we passed the first time. The wedding ran late and the tigers were released into the front for our second pass by. One roared – what a powerful sound! Molly, the horse, did great. We had two assistants on the ground for extra protection and we put Vicks in Molly’s nose so she wouldn’t smell the tigers so much. She didn’t even blink at passing the zebras and macaws. She’s a very good girl.


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