My Very Safe Horse

Today I drove my horse in Baldwin Park for a wedding. We picked up the bride and groom in front of the church after their ceremony. It was a total surprise for them. The only person who knew about our horse and carriage coming was the Father of the bride. He hired me. I love surprises like that.

We had 3.5 miles to go to take her to her reception at their home. We also had to go back 3.5 miles to our horse trailer. At least it wasn’t too terribly hot. We went over several sets of railroad tracks and a couple of bridges.

As we were driving along some rather large streets a truck came up next to us quickly in the fast lane. Right when he got next to my horse he started those hydraulics that made his truck bounce up and down like the gang members do. It was EXTREMELY LOUD and scary. My horse danced but was totally controllable. I don’t think the Bride and Groom even felt a difference while riding in the back.

As we drove, everyone we passed was honking and waving. We noticed a bunch of fireworks stands that were open for business. We must have passed 3 stands each way. Of course some idiot had to throw a bunch of lit firecrackers on the ground right behind my carriage.

Boy, did that ever make her dance. I kept her under control. I know her like the back of my hand and she is worth her weight in gold. I love my horse!

When we got back to the trailer she was sweaty but not breathing hard because we did a lot of walking. I offered her bottled water to drink. Then I used the remaining water in the bucket to dip her brush in and give her a sponge bath after I unharnessed her.

My assistant today is training her own horses to drive. She is surprised how many unforeseen things there are that a person needs to bombproof their horse for when she goes on these carriage jobs with me.


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