Senior Prom with Lights & Sirens

Friday night a Senior Assisted Living place in Riverside, CA held a “Senior Prom” for their residents.  We were  hired to give them rides around a couple of blocks and show them the Mission Inn.  As you can imagine, many of them were using walkers and wheelchairs.  They all had different levels of ability.  My dad was my carriage assistant for the evening.  He, and the people who worked there, helped the seniors in and out of the carriage.

My horse had to stand completely still while loading and unloading. I also met Riverside City Councilman, Mike Gardner. He seemed to have some horse experience and helped the people come up and pet my horse.

We were parked on a narrow street that was made even narrower by the fact that cars lined both sides. I took a load of 5 seniors and had just come back to unload them when the most disabled lady of the whole evening was getting off the carriage. She had three men helping her (my dad, the councilman and a worker from her building). Her joints didn’t seem to want to bend and they were all being so delicate with her.

All of a sudden a Riverside police car came roaring up the street at what seemed like 90 miles and hour with lights and siren blaring. He couldn’t have chosen a worse time to pass. I heard all the people hold a collective breath while he went by as this poor woman was teetering on the edge of my vis-a-vis doorstep. No one knew what to expect my horse to do. But….

She didn’t move a muscle. I love her beyond words!



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