Tree Lighting Ceremony in the City of Santee, CA

We gave rides to over 500 people last Friday night in the City of Santee, CA.

city of Santee, San Diego area, california

We were able to consistently take 8 passengers per ride.

Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA

It’s almost that time of year again.  We will be giving horse drawn carriage rides to folks starting on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving and finishing near New Year’s.  We will be down there almost every night.  We do have a few nights that we are already booked for private parties so email me now to inquire about specific dates.  Our rides start at about 5PM and last until about 9PM.  We pick up on Main St. behind the Mission Inn.

If you haven’t been there before, you will be amazed.  The Mission Inn of Riverside gets decorated each year to the hilt.  There are millions and millions of lights.  There are lavish decorations and even holiday music piped outside.  There will be an ice skating rink and lots of shops to wander around inside.  On many nights there are outside musicians and vendors.

The Mission Inn has several elegant restaurants inside and is surrounded by even more.  Bring your whole family down for a carriage ride.  It is a fun way to get into the Holiday Spirit.  I look forward to meeting you all.



The Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda, CA

Thank you to Julie Spencer and Megan Boxberger of The Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda, CA for inviting us to present our horse and carriage at your recent wedding expo.  We are proud to be your official carriage company and we LOVE to work in Orange County, CA.  After all, that is where I grew up.

Your club facilities are gorgeous.  A bride would be proud to have her wedding there.  I love the waterfall.  It would make a great photo backdrop.  Oh, and Larry Parker – the food was GREAT!!!



Great News!! The Black Gold Golf Course did NOT burn down in the recent fires. They are open for business as usual.

See for yourself:

My heart goes out to all who lost property in all the recent Southern CA fires.


Arabians know how to celebrate!

We always enjoy the opportunities to experience other cultures. Last Sunday we drove our team, Molly & Trixie, in Moreno Valley for an Arabian wedding. The women are exotic and gorgeous. Their dresses were elaborate, bright and beautiful. Everyone danced and sang. The bride looked like a princess. They followed our carriage down the street for 45 minutes with their cars honking and speakers blaring Arabian music. We were proud to be a part of it.

Our horse enters Denny’s Restaurant in Riverside, CA

On Tuesday, August 5th I took our 1500 pound Percheron Draft horse, Molly, into Denny’s restaurant in Riverside on Van Buren. Yes, I really said INSIDE the restaurant. We did a presentation for a group called, “Let’s Network“. We got permission from the Denny’s crew two weeks prior and it was a total surprise to our Let’s Network friends. Molly was perfectly behaved inside the restaurant. She stood quietly while they turned their alarm off. The alarm was triggered because we went in through the side door. We got everyone’s attention. I just wonder what people who were driving by thought when they saw Molly’s rear end outside the door of Denny’s.